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  • HM21 Throwing - in Liquid Level Transducer

    Measurement of water or liquid level using fluid statically mechanics principle is an important application of pressure sensor. The high–sensitivity silicon piezoresistive sensitive element fabricated with micro machining technology is the critical component of the liquid level sensor


  • HM21F Lightning Liquid Level Transducer

    HM21F lightning liquid level transducer measures the liquid level using the principle that the liquid static pressure is directly proportion to the liquid height. This series of product is specially designed for the thundering areas in the Southern China using advanced silicon piezore


  • HM21R Anti - corrosive Liquid Level Transducer

    HM21R anti - corrosive liquid level transducer is a new liquid level - measuring series product specially measuring sea water level and viscous and corrosive liquid level using the state–of–the–art technology of German HELM. It adopts German HELM made titanium alloy large flat membran



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